Editing social media versions from your videos

Editing social media derivatives of your longer videos.

It’s done. Your corporate, marketing, training or recruitment video is complete – and ready to be uploaded.

But don’t stop there.

You’ll get maximum reach by pulling out shorter social media snippets from this valuable long-form content.

And who wouldn’t want extra versions, a broader audience and increased brand visibility?

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Let’s look at some example videos where we’ve created social media versions from the original long-form content.


Maximising engagement with social media edits cut from a long video

For QUT, we firstly produced the 2.5-minute Justice Placement video, featuring Bachelor of Justice student, Keesha, immersed in a work placement looking into financial crime at Suncorp.

From this longer video, we then produced 15 and 7 second cut-downs to make the most of social media placement options.

Social media storytelling: Adapting long videos for shareable content

For Resi Homes, we created a corporate video and two client case study videos as long-form content.

From these three longer videos, we then extracted multiple social media versions of each video, in a mix of varying lengths and size formats for maximum mileage.

Bite-sized videos for maximum social media impact

Video content has proven itself over and over.

By sharing social media derivatives from your original video content, you significantly increase your brand’s exposure and impact.


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