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How to make a corporate video that stands out

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You don’t need to be told why you need a corporate video.

That’s pretty evident these days.

The priority is making sure your video production stands out and shines – a video your audience wants to watch. We’ve produced thousands of video productions, and along the way, we’ve learned what works for our clients.

Here are our top five tips for creating a corporate video that stands out!

1. Focus on viewer benefits, not features

We like to start the planning process by deep diving into what you want your audience to know – followed by how your audience will benefit.

Concentrate on benefits, with the messaging ‘you’ focused, not ‘we’ focused.

That doesn’t mean you can’t share information that establishes your credentials or product/service features – but the best practice is to turn every fact or feature into a ‘so what’ for the viewer.

An even better practice is asking ‘so what’ twice.

Let’s look at an example using our own video production experience:

“We’ve been producing corporate videos for 35 plus years.” **So what?**

“We’ve been producing corporate videos for 35 plus years. We know what works to keep your viewers involved.” **So what?**

“We’ve been producing corporate videos for 35 plus years. We know what works to keep your viewers watching and more likely to respond to your call to action.”


2. Video script structure

Video production lengths are getting shorter and shorter, but sometimes it’s impossible to deliver priority content in a neat one, two or three minutes.

This is where a careful video structure becomes essential.

We do this with planned highs and lows from time to time to keep your audience leaning into your video at every possible ‘I’m getting bored’ moment.

Examples of this could be music changes lifting up and under, an unexpected sound effect, fast or slow-motion sequences or an occasional (not overused) transition effect.

It might also mean breaking video content into smaller, more easily digestible lengths.


3. Have a plan

If you jump into filming with no pre-planned thought to structure, you might snag what you need – and you might not.

It’s no different to building a house without a set of plans.

We like to know all about you. Who is your audience? Where does your video fit into your overall strategy? What is the essential point to get across? And so much more.

Only then can we create the script structure from which everything hangs. On the day of filming, we’re all on the same page – with nothing is missed or overlooked.

“I find you super organised, which I appreciate. When you get out to filming, everyone knows what they’re doing, exactly what shots they need to get. Everyone’s got the same brief, the same information, which makes the day run smoothly and gives me great confidence that at the end of the day, we’re going to walk away with exactly what we want.”

Emma Boughen, Greenham & Sons


4. Filming with movement

Cinematic camera movement can be so mesmerising.

Using drones, stabilised rigs and dollys, we can fly, track and glide to create scenes with the camera movement we all love to watch.

From plain jane ordinary into ‘have to keep watching’ extraordinary.

Editing to plan – then spending time finetuning


5. Video editing is a creative process.

It’s where the plan is both followed AND adjusted as all the elements of vision, narration (if used), music, titles and graphics come together.

It’s only when you see it all come together that you truly know what you have – it’s an intangible idea up to this stage.

So – getting on my hobby horse – it’s critical that you can fine-tune your video.

At Sound Images, unlimited fine-tuning is something we’re passionate about because ‘3 rounds of changes might not be enough to get it right.

It’s the only way to make sure your corporate video production stands out and shines in a way that matches your vision.

As the client, this is your baby, and only you know when it’s a wrap.

Can we help you create a corporate video that stands out?

Whatever it takes to create a video you love, the answer is yes

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