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Great video production builds trust and humanises your brand.

This is our super power.

And we’ve been doing it since 1986.

Thats millions of views across thousands of videos.


    Video on your radar?

    The videos we create and the clients we value

    If you run a business or work within a larger corporation or organisation, you’re the type of client we work with. And we make every type of video production project easy for you.


    Corporate brand videos to build trust

    Recruitment videos to attract applicants

    Marketing videos to boost sales

    Training videos to develop skills

    Explainer videos to simplify

    Commercials for television, cinema & socials

    Video on your radar?


    “We are so happy with our video and how the entire process from script to filming to editing was flawless and simple.”

    Donna Buxton | Juvenaire, Brisbane

    A video you can’t wait to share


    A great video is the most powerful way to build a relationship with your viewers.

    How do we make ‘great’ happen?

    We structure your video to keep your audience watching.

    Write the words your target viewer will tune in to.

    Beautifully film, edit and colour grade to the highest quality.

    And polish the final edit to reflect your high quality.

    That’s when your video shines it’s brightest.


    “Thank you for the brilliant work done on our videos.

    The team was so moved by the productions. You were such a key part of this successful event.”

    Karen Alexander | Customer Experience Champion, Hastings Deering, Brisbane

    Our video production process


    Your video starts with a no obligation chat.

    The best way for you to see if we ‘click’ is to catch up face-to-face, preferably in your space.

    If that doesn’t work for you, we can Zoom or chat with email.

    This is where we dive deep – here’s our video briefing questions if you want to have a peek!

    If you haven’t already been quoted, we firm up your investment.

    This will include everything from the script to delivery of all the video file formats and sizes you need.

    Then happy dance!

    Let’s get your video underway 😊


    “You have done such an amazing job!! It has really exceeded my expectations, so thank you!”

    Megan Reidy | Employee Experience Specialist, Hastings Deering, Brisbane

    90% of our videos are
    for repeat or referred clients


    Why do our clients come back to us over and again?

    There are many ways we work FOR our clients to achieve this wonderful stat.

    This starts with making the process work friendly. You’re busy, so hand over your brief and relax.

    We work closely with our clients to understand their vision. Step by step we’ll make sure we’re on the same track.

    Have an immovable deadline? We pull out all stops to make it. And we’ve never let a client down.

    We’re always available to answer questions, address concerns, suggest solutions and provide updates.

    Our pricing is competitive – often more than competitive, to give you the greatest value for your complete script to screen package.

    Most of our clients have multiple decision-makers who need to approve. So they rely heavily on our unbeatable fine-tuning guarantee.

    Corporate video production since 1986


    We’ve been producing videos since 1986, so we know what works.

    And what doesn’t.

    You can lean on our experience, systems, and project management to deliver a layer of calmness and organisation to your experience of working with Sound Images.

    Most of our clients are based in Brisbane but our main stomping ground is all around southeast Queensland.

    Many of our clients need filming in locations all around Australia, so we’re very experienced at project managing multiple filming locations and travel arrangements to make the most efficient use of each day of filming.



    “Love how the video has turned out. You guys are so easy to work with and always come up with the goods.”

    Samantha Allen | Dept Agriculture & Fisheries, Brisbane

    Sound Images Guarantees

    →  Your video is fine-tuned until you love it

    We understand your corporate world. 

    And “3 rounds of changes” won’t work when you have multiple stakeholders in your approval process.

    →  You won’t pay more than quoted

    No surprises with hidden costs.

    →  Outstanding quality

    All filming is in Ultra High Definition for the highest quality of vision and sound.

    To reflect your own high quality.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is corporate video production?

    Corporate video production refers to any video produced for a company, business, or organisation.

    The most common type is a brand video, showcasing who you are and what you do.

    However, in broad categories, a corporate video can also include:

    Marketing and promotional videos to launch or sell your service or product.

    Recruitment and induction videos to recruit and onboard employees.

    Training videos to educate your employees, customers, or other stakeholders.

    Explainer videos to provide a short video overview of an idea, a process, a product or a service.

    Why should my business invest in video production?

    Video on website landing pages increases conversion rates by 83%.

    Video also keeps your website visitors on your page longer, as they pause to watch your video.

    Stats tell us that more customers buy after viewing your video.

    Because video content is a more engaging experience for your website visitors, Google rewards this with improved SEO ranking, driving more website traffic.

    91% of businesses now use video. That’s a clear message that video works and it needs to be in your content mix. It’s a matter of survival in a competitive corporate jungle.

    Video is unmatched for its ability to create an emotional connection. It’s the most powerful medium to deliver brand credibility