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Polished to perfection with unlimited fine-tuning

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At Sound Images, we translate what’s in your head into a video you love.

With a script to screen service that includes our secret weapon.

Unlimited fine-tuning to polish your video until it shines.

An extra level of service unmatched in our industry – at no extra cost.

“Love how the video has turned out. You are so easy to work with and always come up with the goods.”

Samantha Allen | Dept Agriculture & Fisheries, Brisbane

Who is Sound Images for?

We work with businesses and organisations across all industries. It’s not the size of your business or project that matters to us. It’s having a client we love to work with. 

We’re your your go-to if…

You want to tell your story but don't know where to start

If starting your video feels daunting, we’re here to simplify the journey.

You're juggling a packed schedule

You’ve got enough to do, so we look after you from script to screen with our work-friendly systems.

You only need to review and approve.

You need to simplify a complex message

We transform your complex message into a video your audience can understand.

You're under time pressure to deliver video content

Need to meet a deadline or outpace your competition? We’ve got you.

You expect flexibility

We flex with you in every way you need. Whether that’s changing filming dates, moving the deadline up or polishing the edit until your video hits that sweet spot.

You have a multiple decision-makers with opinions

Getting everyone on board is important. Unlimited fine-tuning guarantees all stakeholders have a say.

Your brand needs to shine in a crowded market

If standing out is your goal, you’re in the right place. Polishing your video is what we do best.

Quality matters to you

High-quality video production is non-negotiable for your brand. That’s how we feel too.

Video on your radar?

“We can’t thank you enough for your great work and incredible patience with us.”

Kay Nunan | DAF Agribusiness Trade & Investment | Brisbane

What types of video do we create?

Corporate brand videos to build trust

Marketing videos to boost sales

Recruitment videos to attract applicants

Training videos to develop skills

Explainer videos to simplify

Commercials for television, cinema & socials

“Thank you for making us look good all year and being a true partner. You are all so amazing – ALL THE TIME!”

Suzannah D’Juliet | Executive Manager – Employee Experience, Hastings Deering

Who are Sound Images?

Generous with our time and expertise, we make video production easy for you​.

We’re a team of six with all skills in-house – cause we’re fussy as.

Kerrie, our own scriptwriter, will write or edit your script.

Tony, our MD, is a mechanical engineer. You’ll appreciate his analytical brain for technical videos.

Decades strong = trusted experts and safe hands.


Who are sound images

I can’t thank you enough for such a high-quality video.”

Linda Apelt | Qld Trade and Investment Commissioner, Europe

Senior editor kath

Why do you need unlimited finetuning?

You’ve watched your video for the first time.

And you make changes.

You watch version 2 – and make a couple more tweaks.

You show version 3 to other decision-makers.

Yep, they want changes.

But you’ve run out of ‘allowed’ revisions.

Do you pay more to finish your video?

Or choose Sound Images?


“With other production companies, I’ve run out of tweaks. Sound Images deliver on their brand promise every time.”

Jo Kinner | Founding Partner at Reputation Sherpa

90% repeat clients

We’re people pleasers.

That might explain how in any given month, 90 to 100% of our video production is with existing or referred clients.

The only way we’ve achieved this is to always go above and beyond.

You’re valued, and we do a happy dance each time a new or returning client says ‘yes.’

Is a video on your radar?

Sound images team planning a client video

“Wow – I’ll be raising a glass to this at wine o’clock. Version 2 is good to go. What a team!”

Colleen Haggarty
| Locality Energy

Sound images video pre-production meeting

Frequently asked questions

Filmed in ultra-high-definition

This is quality to make you shine – even on the largest cinema screen.

When you start wth ultra-high definition you can re-purpose your video content even years down the track.

Your video footage belongs to you

Our video production services include backing up all your wild footage (onto two sources) to keep on file for you.

We’ll transfer it all onto a hard drive and send it to you if you want your own copy.

Your video production investment is locked in

You can relax, knowing your corporate video quote stays firm, while we spend time being as fussy as we like to be.

Home base is south-east Queensland

Most of our clients are based in Brisbane and south-east Queensland.

But we’re also experienced travellers, often filming all around the state – and interstate – for clients with multiple locations or stories to be filmed.

Video on your radar?

Sound Images Guarantees

Your video is fine-tuned until you love it

We understand your corporate world. 

And “3 rounds of changes” won’t work when you have multiple stakeholders in your approval process.

You won’t pay more than quoted

No surprises with hidden costs.

Outstanding quality

We film in Ultra High Definition to echo your own high standards.