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Our Sound Images back story

Sound Images Video Production Crew from the 1980s

The year was 1986

and founders Richard Davies and Kerrie Lawrence had a new business marketing and training idea.

Richard was a keen cameraman. Kerrie loved writing and marketing. Together, they followed a dream and created Sound Images.

The hard graft of the early days

The phone didn’t ring for the first two years.

The only way to build Sound Images was slowly: ensuring every precious client was 1000% satisfied with their video.

This was the beginning of our unlimited fine-tuning guarantee. ⁠

Richard and Wayne doing a production scene
The two directors at Sound Images video production offices

Juggling business and personal

Fast forward to 1996, and while trying to juggle business and a young family, Kerrie coaxed husband Tony out of his high-level State Manager role into Sound Images.

He took on our MD role, bringing his skills as a super organised engineer and manager with him.

(Plus, his analytical brain comes in handy for the frequent technical content we cover.)

Sadly, in 2015, original co-founder Richard was forced to retire to focus on his health. Today, Tony and Kerrie lead the Sound Images team.

Today, we're a team

Not too small, not too large, just right

We balance the ‘wise’ amongst us with the fresh ideas generated by the younger members of our team.

And it’s teamwork that brings your video to life.

Sound Images Corporate Video Production Team
Tony Lawrence the Managing Director

Managing Director

Tony Lawrence

Kerrie Lawrence the Creative Director

Creative Director

Kerrie Lawrence

Kathryn Berkin the Senior Editor

Senior Editor

Kathryn Berkin

Rachel Tapscott video production camera woman

That camera girl

Rachel Tapscott

Tim Stewart the Senior Editor

Senior Editor

Tim Stewart

Drew Muir - Video Production Camera Man

Super Cameraman

Drew Muir

Why you'll love working with us

We know how to keep your viewer involved

We’ve moved with the times, trends and technology – but you can’t hold a video together with the latest whiz-bang effects.

It’s the timeless basics of video production – the proper planning, a thoughtful structure, cinematic filming techniques and editing with purpose – that delivers a superior, polished video that doesn’t date too quickly.

We bring more than technical skills to your video

Even though a video can be beautiful to watch, it might fail to deliver clear messaging and fall flat with your audience.

This is why we begin with a script structure that translates your brief into a clear and engaging video.

You’re going to walk away with exactly what you want and what your audience needs.

We stay focused on what we love to do

That’s corporate video production, corporate video production and corporate video production!

What have we learnt since 1986? That by staying true to what we’re passionate about, we only get better.

We think long-term and maximise value

We’ve stuck around for decades – and we think our timeless, quality video content should stay the test of time for you too.

Invest in ultra-high-definition production values, and you’ll be rewarded with maximum longevity and flexibility years into the future.

90% of our work is repeat or referral

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