Recruitment video production attracts top talent

Recruitment Video Production

attracts top talent

Manufacturing manager standing outside manufacturing plant in a video interview

Are you fighting for job applicants?

When hiring is competitive, a recruitment video will wave job seekers down


Stand out in the job market with an employer branding video

It’s tough finding new employees.

The ones you really want.

As an employer, you’re competing for a smaller, pickier pool of job applicants.

And they’re looking for more than the dollars.

Recruitment videos showcase your company’s culture and values, making it easier for potential candidates to see themselves as part of your team.

A great recruitment video creates a strong first impression

In today’s competitive job market, standing out as an employer is more important than ever.

Your recruitment video is an engaging way to share your employer brand and attract the top talent you’re looking for.

It’s a shortcut to a more personal connection.

To more desirability – and more job applicants.

Video storytelling is more authentic

You can explain your company culture, values and perks with narration – but your video will resonate more deeply when you include interview testimonials from your current employees.

Their comments on what it’s like to work ‘here’ and how well you all work together are inspiring.

And more relatable.

When we colour in these interview testimonials with footage of each person working in their roles, your potential candidates see themselves in the same roles.

You’ve helped them feel connected and excited about the opportunity.

Because they understand your company culture and what it’s like to work with you.

They like – and connect with – your vibes.


A recruitment video you’ll be proud to share


We understand your corporate world.

And “3 rounds of changes” won’t work when you have multiple stakeholders in your approval process.

When you work with Sound Images, your video is finished when you say it’s finished.

Why are we so generous?

Our goal is to delight – and foster a lasting partnership for future video projects.



Recruitment videos attract a diverse workforce

Diversity and inclusion are crucial components of a thriving workplace.

Recruitment videos showcase your commitment to these values by highlighting your diverse team and inclusive work environment.

You’ll nurture a more innovative and successful organisation by appealing to a broader range of candidates.

Share how awesome you are to work with

With a recruitment video, you’re super-charged awesome.

Your job offerings are more desirable.

Applicants are more likely to apply.

Because they understand your company culture and what it’s like to work with you.

They like – and connect with – your vibes.

Our recruitment video process

We work with you from script to screen to create a corporate video that perfectly represents your brand.

This process starts with a chat. Could be a meeting, a Zoom, or by email, whatever works best for you.

Once we have this information, we write the script, fine-tuning this based on your feedback.

Once filming is completed, we edit to ‘version 1.’

Next is the fine-tuning magic until you love your video – and from this approved version, we create the shorter social versions you need.

Where do we film?

  • Brisbane
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast
  • Queensland
  • Australia

Our home base is southeast Queensland – and we also travel all around Australia for clients with multiple locations or stories to be filmed.

P.S. A client recently sent us to New Zealand because she only wanted to work with our team.

90% of our corporate videos are for repeat or referral clients

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“Once more, a HUGE thank you to you and the team. You were amazing to pull a rabbit out of the hat and make sure we had those video changes at the final hour.”

Karen Alexander Hastings Deering

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“There is a growing interest in Agritech as part of climate change and feeding underdeveloped countries across the Commonwealth. You can be assured your good work will make an invaluable contribution.”

Linda Apelt, Agent-General for Queensland in the United Kingdom Qld Trade and Investment Commissioner, Europe

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“Sound Images did a fantastic job producing a series of case studies. We really threw the team into the deep end with the number of videos to make in a short timeframe and they really delivered.”

Emma Boughen Dept Agriculture & Fisheries

Video production customised to
meet your budget


As a guide, most of our client video productions start at around $5,000 + GST. 

This includes everything from script to screen – with unlimited fine-tuning until you love your video.