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You can be involved as much or as little as you like! At a minimum, we need a detailed brief at the beginning of the project. This could take the form of a written brief, a phone call, a Zoom or a face to face kick-off meeting. After that, you’ll just need to review and approve the script and your edited video. We may also need you to organise filming with stakeholders and be on hand for the day of filming, depending on your project. Wherever we can, we’ll manage stakeholders and locations on your behalf. Just let us know how you want to work.
Filming times will vary, but the minimum time would usually be half a day. Most projects take between one and two days to film.
Allow approx. 30-60 minutes for each interview, plus additional time to set up and pack up or move to a different location. We also like to film cutaway scenes with interviewees, so ideally, allow another hour for this.
For most shoots, this will be our team of two cinematographers. Depending on your project, we sometimes need a third person.
We share scripts and call sheets ahead of time to make sure you and your colleagues are prepared. Our team will arrive approx. an hour before the planned start time to unpack and prepare.
If you are being interviewed on camera, avoid really bold colours, reds, big or tiny patterns and narrow stripes. Pastels and mid-range colours look fabulous, especially cooler colours like purple or teal. Wear what you’re comfortable in and what you would normally wear if you were meeting a client. For a creative industry, that might be jeans. For a lawyer, it might be a suit.
Our team are also highly experienced photographers and are always happy to capture still images at the same time as video.
You absolutely can for most purposes, except for something the size of a billboard. We film in ultra-high definition so we can pull out the frames you’d like to use as stills.
A stacked image of the Sound Images team preparing an interview
Keri and Kathryn working on personal branding for a clients production
It takes longer than you might think. If we’re editing a 3-minute video, it will take us between 3 to 5 days, depending on how much detail is involved and allowing for our own review processes before sending it to you for review. Before your project starts, we can estimate your review date. If you have a deadline, we work backwards from that!
As many as you need. We want you to love your video and come back to us next time.
If you need this, then yes.
When we finish your video, our video production services include backing up all your wild footage (onto two sources) to keep on file for you. We will transfer it all onto a hard drive and send it to you if you want your own copy.

Yes! Just fill out this form or email your brief to [email protected]. We’ll get the quote to you within 24 hours.

We’ll quote specifically for your project, meeting you where you’re at now with what you need and want to achieve, but a starting price is around $5,000, with most corporate video production ballparking between $5k and $12k. Let’s chat and narrow this down for you.

Our standard terms are payments in three instalments: 50% on confirmation of the job (refundable deposit,) 40% after we complete the first draft of your edit and 10% on your final approval of the edit.

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