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Where to use keywords for videos hosted on YouTube

If you’ve invested in video production, you’ll want to get it in front of as many targeted eyes as possible.

Just one way to boost views is to host your video on YouTube – that way you can rank in searches on both Google AND YouTube.

That’s the largest and second largest search engines covered, so it’s worth optimising your videos to rank in these search results.

How do you do this? Add keywords.

What is your most important keyword or keyword phrase? This should closely match what your target viewers would type into a search bar.

Now add this primary keyword/phrase to the following six locations:

  • Your video’s file name
  • The video’s title – as close to the start as possible, while still making sense. Keep your title under 70 characters. (Google cuts off characters longer than this in search results)
  • Your video’s description field located beneath the video
  • One of your tags
  • If your keyword/phrase is contained in the video narration, closed captions will give you another keyword boost
  • If you share your video to other platforms, add your keyword to your post description there as well.

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