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How to keep your viewer watching your corporate video

Kathryn Berkin and Drew Muir behind the camera on a Sound Images video production location shoot

Corporate video production lengths are getting shorter, but sometimes it’s impossible to deliver priority content in a neat one, two or three minutes.

(Let alone 7, 15 or 30 seconds, which is about as much view length as you’ll get from Instagram or Facebook.)

If your corporate video – whether that’s a marketing, recruitment, training or branding video – will be longer than 2 minutes, a thoughtful video structure must come in to play.


We’ve picked up a few video tricks along the way

With our long history as a video production company, we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way.

Our strategy is to design in changes in pace with ‘highs and lows’ at every possible ‘I’m getting bored’ moment.

Little tweaks will bring your audience back to attention where we think their attention might be dropping off.


Intersperse small surprises from time

There are many ways to do this, here’s a few examples:


Pause narration to lift the music for a few seconds. Let the music shine from time to time. The narration will also benefit from this breathing room.


In a similar way, you can bring in a sound effect to add unexpected punch to a moment in time. If it’s a manufacturing scene, we could lift that CNC punch sound. If it’s a morning drone aerial, let’s bring in some birdsong. Are we oceanside? Can you hear the waves breaking gently on the sand? An office scene? That phone could ring.


Use multiple music tracks within one video edit – the longer the edit, the more music you can play with. When we bring in the new track, we also like to pause narration to lift the sound level of the new track up for a few seconds to snap your viewer back to the screen.


Animate in a graphic element, like a superimposed title, to reinforce a key point. This might also be an opportunity to add a sound effect to accompany the graphic onto the screen.


Add fast or slow-motion sequences. A sudden ramp forward in fast motion as we follow the camera onto your factory floor adds unexpected punch. Slow motion brings ‘special’ to the simplest of scenes.


Edit in an occasional transition effect to define sections – and lift the music at the same time. Have to be careful with this one, you can’t hold a video together with special effects, so don’t overdo this.


You can also look at your video structure in a different way. Will your 8 minute’s worth of video content work harder for you as 2 or 3 shorter videos? Can we break your video content into smaller, more easily digestible lengths?


Where is your audience watching your video?

Is it a branding video for your home page to introduce how you’re different from your competitors? Keep the length short and strong.

Is it a video for your product page to sell all benefits of that special piece of equipment? Your viewer now wants detailed info, so you can afford to add enough length to cover this.

The further along in their buying journey, the more video length you have to play with.

One final thought – if your video messaging stays strong on benefits to your target audience, ‘you’ not ‘we’ – you’ll keep them watching longer.


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