Website videos increase conversions by 83%

Landing page videos increase conversion rates by 80%

Is your landing page like a trampoline?

Viewers land then bounce off quickly?

There are ways you can stop high bounce rates.

And one of the best? Add an engaging video.


Why you should add video content to your landing page

A study by Wyzowl reveals that the use of corporate video production on landing pages has the power to increase conversions by 83%.

The study also revealed that video is more effective than text, images and other media in terms of driving conversions.



A corporate video increases time on your page

The more time people spend on your page, the more likely they’ll choose your service or product. .

This longer period of time on page equals reduced bounce rate and increased click-through rate.


Your prospects prefer to watch a landing page video than read

Given the option to watch a video or read through a block of text, viewers will usually choose to watch a video.

This is why video production is one of the most effective ways you can give your viewers a better user experience.


Video adds credibility

In just one or two minutes, you’re adding brand shine and boosting the confidence of a prospect who, up to now, was browsing around and didn’t have a clue – or really care – who you are.

Your video builds trust – and it does this in a very short period of time.


Video creates a more personal connection

Your video production is more than a marketing strategy.

It’s an emotional connection. A meaningful connection.

Video’s power to bring your audience closer to you builds trust and delivers the warm fuzzies that come from a genuine connection.


Quick tips for producing engaging video content

1. A testimonial video is great social proof, so include a customer testimonial if you can

2. Use subtitles – your video production company can add these in post-production

3. Add a call to action. Don’t leave your viewer hanging. Tell them what to do next – but stick to one CTA only.

4. Make sure the video loads quickly. Your video hosted on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo will load faster than a video embedded directly on your website.

5. Don’t let the video autoplay – an annoying feature that may chase your prospect away. Give your viewer the option to hit play themselves.

I dive deep into expert tips for stand-out video production in this blog post.


Don’t waste any more landing page visits!

A range of industries are clued in to this video strategy, so if you’re not using video on your landing page, you should be.

You probably spend $$ and effort to get people to your page, so make the most of their momentary attention with the power of video front and centre!


Have questions about video production?

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