Is a case study the most effective type of video production?

Is a case study the most effective type of video production?
Video case studies are social proof in action.

A case study video packs a serious marketing punch because it’s immediately relatable to prospective customers.

You’re sharing your product or service benefits in a way that resonates better than any other.

It’s such an easy way to build brand trust – while subtly bragging about your solutions and results – in just a few minutes of watch time.


Is a case study different to a customer testimonial video?

Testimonial videos are a very similar type of corporate video, but with a more singular focus.

In this marketing strategy, the customer testimonial is focused on a person or company’s experience of your service or product.

A case study gives a more detailed overview of both the client experience and the process to get the desired result.

Both are powerful video strategies to reach potential customers., but the case study goes deeper.


Our clients love case study videos

Why? You not only tick the trust box, you also create desire by the viewer for the same result or success they’ve just watched another client achieve.

There’s an increased conversion rate that comes with that.


Video case study for Hastings Deering

Video case studies are something Hastings Deering does consistently and well in their marketing to prospective clients.

As one of our most successful Australian-owned companies, you could follow their lead and reap the benefits.

In this video case study below, we open the story with the client’s challenge: Their client – Middlemount Coal – needed a more efficient way to remove the overburden at its operations in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

The mine collaborated with their Hastings Deering Cat dealer to find the optimal truck for the site. Their priority was maximising truck payload without increasing the overall weight.

The next part of this video story?

The local Hastings Deering team come to the rescue with a solution. And all the benefits that come with that.

Target Audience: Mining and construction companies

Purpose: to show how Hastings Deering helps their customers improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Content: the challenge Middlemount faced, how Hastings Deering worked with them to find a solution and the measurable benefits.

Messages delivered by: Scripted, narrated voiceover


Video case study for Resi Homes

We produced 3 videos for Resi Homes, a corporate overview video and two client case studies.

Target Audience: Home-building customers

Purpose: To create a more personal connection with visitors to a new website they’re planning – and build trust through conversations with clients.

Content: In the case study videos, we interviewed a first-home customer and a customer who has built many homes.

Messages delivered by: Interviews with the two customers and the Resi Homes MD.


Video case study for Greenham

Greenham needed to inspire and educate their producers (cattle farmers) about a new standard they hoped each would adopt.

The most effective way to do this was through the results achieved by other producers.

Target Audience: Greenham cattle producers

Purpose: to showcase the benefits of adopting practice change, broadly explain how to do it and have producers come away wanting to implement change, see it as achievable and know what the next steps are.

Content: each video covered specific areas of the new standard, the benefits of adopting change and how individual producers managed these practices on-farm.

Messages delivered by: Interviews with cattle producers.


Case studies win our vote for the most effective type of video production

If you do only one type of video, start with this.

You won’t need to ‘sell’ anything, just leave that to your clients.

This client perspective, packaged up as a video case study, has proven itself over and over for our own clients.


Next step? Look inside your business for loyal customers

How do you solve your customers’ pain points or challenges?

Can you pull out real customer success stories – and turn these into video case studies?


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