3 ways to use video production to build trust

3 ways you can use video production to build trust in your business.

Video production is your fast track to building trust.

Easily digestible and engaging on any device or platform, businesses of all types and sizes are investing heavily in video production to nurture a more personal connection with their target market.

And let’s not forget how much video is loved by Google.


Google is all-seeing and knows how effective video is to keep your audience engaged for longer.

Today we’ll cover 3 ways you can use a corporate video in your own business to build trust and credibility with the audience searching for your service or products.

1. Video that includes you and your team

A human connection is so important.

How important?

Research shows people are almost twice as likely to trust brands that they’ve connected with personally.

So what’s the best way to be relatable and authentic with your video?

Get on camera. You could do this in a couple of different ways.

Connect through video interviews with you and your team

‘Interview’ is a scary word, we prefer to call this a relaxed video chat.

Through a conversation with you (and possibly other members of your team) we can tease out all the important points your audience needs to know.

This human connection is the very best way for your prospective customers to step closer to trusting your brand.

Film scenes that show you and your team working in your business

It’s reassuring to see the real people behind the business and it’s as easy as doing what you do best, while our cameras capture the way you work with each other and in your business.

Ideally, you’d have both a video interview, supported by behind-the-scenes footage that includes you and your team.

Doubling the trust you can build through human connection.

Real people getting to know real people!

So much more authentic.

2. Video that shares benefits

If your audience feels like you ‘get’ them, trust will follow.

How do you do this? It’s as simple as staying ‘you’ focused on what your viewer cares about.

For corporate videos, aim the script narration or interview responses squarely at your viewer, with a focus on ‘you’ and ‘your’ while limiting ‘we,’ ‘our’, and ‘us.’

Just changing these small words will shift your message from ‘feature’ to ‘benefit.’

This ‘you’ focus applies to every type of video.

If you want your audience to tune in, take everything you’d like to get across and make sure the benefit is clear.

From their perspective, not yours.

This is key to driving engagement and lead generation.

3. Video with client testimonials

All good relationships are

One – or a series – of client testimonial videos go a long way in building trust and showing your target clients that you’re invested in their success.

If you’re uncertain about asking clients to do this, reassure them that there’s nothing they need to practice or memorise.

We don’t ask them to speak straight to the camera (daunting for anyone) instead, we chat with them one-to-one, filming their replies.

The result is conversational video testimonials immediately relatable to your viewer.


Video delivers a deeper connection

Video production is a powerful tool to build trust and has so much potential to strengthen relationships.

Layer in compelling personal interviews and you have the opportunity to develop a deep connection with your audience and increase your conversion rate.


Video on your radar?