No talking, no mobiles, look forward and watch the screen

Cinema commercial for Gold River Jewellers

Moviegoers are genuinely engaged, immersed in cinema quality content and surround sound audio – and in this highly receptive state, cinema advertising reaches those who are traditional media ‘ad avoiders.’

Gold River Jewellers at North Lakes is a savvy small business, recognised for their hand-made artistry, with all pieces crafted on site in their workshop.

With most of Gold River’s target market residing in the Northlakes area, the local cinema has proved to be an effective marketing strategy for connecting to their customers.

If you’re targeting a local audience, a cinema commercial puts you right in front of your customer sitting right there in the cinema.

Have you considered producing a cinema commercial – one that can also be placed on your website and in social media? 

Whatever it takes to create a video you love, the answer is yes

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