Fountx assisted technology case study

Video case study - fountx header.
“The whole exercise has been such a wonderful experience.
From the first meeting, through filming and editing, resulting in an outstanding marketing video.”

Laurence Beraldo, New Technologies Manager, TAE Aerospace

1. What is Fountx?

In remote locations and without access to technical data, it’s reassuring to know that expert help is always at hand.

Wherever and whenever you need it.

Fountx, a subsidiary of TAE Aerospace, has developed a wearable assisted reality technology that can significantly boost the productivity and capability of technical teams.

Designed for complex industrial environments, it creates a shared field of view between an off-site expert and an on-site technician, making a wide range of tasks faster, cheaper and easier.

[The technology behind Fountx was developed by the CSIRO, Australia’s premier industrial research organisation.]

2. Why did Fountx need this video?

Video case study fountx why
This type of assisted reality technology is new.

And ‘new’ needs a marketing video to promote and explain the benefits for technicians working in remote industrial environments…

…and progress the product into testing and take-up across various industries.

Unlike many other wearable remote assistance technologies or ‘smart glasses,’ Fountx maintains the spatial awareness needed to perform complex tasks safely and to the highest quality standards.

The system’s near-eye display is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.


3. The standout benefits to include

  • Technicians can perform remote complex maintenance with an expert looking virtually over their shoulder
  • Fountx doesn’t affect the technician’s spatial awareness or increase cognitive load – this is a big advantage over virtual or augmented reality technology
  • Technical teams can access guidance by glancing up to an above-eye display, while still clearly seeing what’s right in front of them
  • The system’s near-eye display is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t
  • Knowledge usually locked up inside facilities can be easily shared out in the operational space
  • Downtime and maintenance costs are reduced
  • Complex maintenance tasks are completed quickly, at lower cost and – most importantly of all – safely


4. What did we film?

Video case study fountx what was filmed
The technology comes in 2 parts:

  • the operator station, with its lightweight near-eye headset and wearable computer
  • a touchscreen expert station used off-site

To show this in action, we filmed:

  • 2 technicians working on 2 different complex engines
  • 2 experts, guiding them from off-site

For the video opening scene, we filmed a boy and his grandfather building a model plane.


5. Where did we film?

Video case study fountx where filmedg

This video was filmed in 4 Brisbane locations:

  1. The Aviation Australia Simulator Centre, Eagle Farm
  2. Brisbane Airport under a 737 freighter aircraft
  3. The TAE Aerospace test cell at RAAF Amberley
  4. A private home for the boy and grandfather opening scenes

6. How was the video used?

Video case study fountx how used
  • Trade shows, like the IFS World Conference [celebrates global innovation]
  • Other trade shows
  • On the TAE Aerospace YouTube channel
  • On the BusinessGovAu YouTube channel
  • On the General Electric (GE) website as a dedicated blog
  • Multiple press releases
  • Face-to-face presentations





Assisted reality technology for industrial environments

What we produced:

Marketing video to explain the benefits of wearable assisted-reality technology

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