Video production to inspire beef producers to implement change

“I find you super organised, which I really appreciate. When you get out to filming, everyone has the same brief, which makes the day run smoothly and gives me great confidence that we’re going to walk away with exactly what we want.”

Emma Boughen, Greenham & Sons

In a recently filmed series of case study videos for Greenham & Sons, we interviewed beef producers to share how they’re adopting on-farm sustainability practices.
We also filmed background footage and drone aerials on each farm and took still shots of each producer.

Why does Greenham need these case study videos?

Greenham is introducing a new on-farm Sustainability Standard in response to market requests for an accredited ‘regenerative agriculture’ supply chain. The Standard aims to tackle negative consumer perceptions around beef production by positively showcasing the Greenham supply chain’s environmental credentials and maintaining the competitive advantage of Greenham’s premium brands.


What is the primary purpose of these case study videos?

The video case studies will showcase the benefits of adopting practice change under each standard theme and broadly explain how to do it.

What does this video production need to achieve?

The objective of the case study videos is to have producers come away wanting to implement change, see it as achievable and know what the next steps are.

How will the videos be used?

The videos will be used on all Greenham social media channels, emailed directly to beef producers via e-newsletters, uploaded to their website and used in face to face presentations.

Where were the video case studies filmed?

Our Sound Images home base is Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in southeast Queensland, but we travel all around Australia to film video production stories for our clients. Greenham beef producers are located in Victoria and Tasmania, so our super experienced crew of 2 flew down to film five farms in Tasmania and three in Victoria.

The drone video scene on this page is from the footage we filmed in Stanley, in the very northwest of Tasmania, overlooking the Bass Strait. With that bright blue ocean backdrop, every scene filmed here shines.

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