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Training video production
Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Recruit, induct and train with nothing lost in translation

Kathryn editing a web, training and corporate video

Training video production with unlimited fine-tuning? The answer is yes.

As our client, you’ll love our extra special fine-tuning process.

You decide when your brand and messaging shines out from your training video. So take as many fine-tuning rounds as you need.

This is a godsend for our larger client organisations because of the many organisational layers of review a training video production has to travel through before final approval.

Training video production since 1986

We’ve helped thousands of businesses and organisations with every type of corporate video production you could imagine. And learned a few timeless tricks along the way.

  • We listen to your story and message.
  • Ask what this means for your target audience.
  • Then translate this into a training video your audience will connect with.
Studio floor green screen for filming.
Kerrie Lawrence assisting you on your next project

You've got enough to do so leave your training video to us

Give us your brief, and from script to screen, we’ll reduce the overwhelm. All you need to do is review and approve.

Over 90% of our video production is with repeat or referral clients

Our clients trust us to deliver what they need because they know we will.

Whether it’s your first or tenth video production with us, we do more to keep you as a client forever.

Why our clients love us

Training video production
  • Brisbane
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Queensland
  • Australia

Training videos are a window into your company or organisational culture.

An example is a recruitment video for Queensland Fisheries in Brisbane that followed a day on the job with two Fisheries officers.

They love what they do, which can only inspire recruits.

Tony and Kathryn working on a training video production script

Your training video from script to screen

Face-to-face, Zoom or via email to tease out the info we need to get started on your training video production.

Or edit yours, structured for video production. From this, we plan your filming and editing.
Confirming dates, arranging scenes, people, interviews and locations (plus props, talent or travel if needed.)
Your training video is filmed by our team of two super experienced cinematographers in ultra-high-definition, using a van full of the latest gear. Your brand will look fabulous.
Our experienced editors create your polished colour graded training video, including narration, graphics, music & sound effects.
Until you love your web video.
Just let us know what platforms and lengths you need. We’ll pull out shorter social media versions with compliments from any type of training video production we produce for you.
Stored and backed up for future projects. (The footage we film for your training video is yours, by the way. We’ll send it to you on a hard drive if you’d like to keep a copy.)

Brisbane training video production

“You’re here because you’re looking for the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast video production company who will understand and deliver what you want to achieve.

“But of course, it’s the people behind your production company that you need to click with. I hope it’s us.

“We’re a small team working closely with you to keep you coming back to us forever. We love what we do – but even more importantly, we want you to love what we do.”

Kerrie, Tony and the Sound Images team

The two directors at Sound Images video production offices

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