Chasing the drone

Department of Agriculture & Fisheries recruitment video
If you know anything about drones, you’ll understand they have a home base that they axis from and to.

Drones also have a limited battery life, so if they’re getting low on charge, they’re programmed to fly back to their home base to recharge.

Did I also mention that they have a mind of their own?

Onboard a Queensland Fisheries boat, we were tracking one of our drones as it filmed overhead down the Brisbane River.

Suddenly – and unexpectedly – the drone turned around and headed back the other way, clearly heading for home base.

But the home base wasn’t in the boat with our cameraman; it was back on land, close to where we’d embarked.

The only option was to scramble into the patrol boat’s rubber ducky and chase the drone (with great urgency!) back down the river.

Yep, we got back to home base just in time to catch the wayward drone.

From script to screen, this video was produced to help the Department of Fisheries recruit new personnel.

What an amazing career this would be.

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