Hastings Deering Caterpillar case study

Hd corporate blog screen grab.

In this corporate video for Hastings Deering Caterpillar, we share the story of how they partner with customers, value their people and care for the communities they work within.

This is a video intended to make both customers and staff feel proud of the company they partner with or work for.

To let all stakeholders know how much they’re valued.

As the fifth largest supplier of Caterpillar equipment, parts & service in the world, Hastings Deering doesn’t just provide the best equipment in the world, they also provide expert solutions to keep their customers moving across a wide range of industries.

Hastings Deering is a long-term client, so we’ve gotten to know and understand the Hastings Deering culture pretty well – and have always admired their values, so we just loved being able to tell their corporate story in a more emotive way.

With over 3,000 employees throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia, it was also important to showcase the scale and diversity of their business – and this meant filming their people in all locations, including the remotest corners of their dealership territory.

Pre-production is a very important part of our ‘script to screen’ service – and in this case, it involved organising a complex itinerary for our camera crew.

We can smile about this now – but sending the crew to PNG turned out to be quite the story – but it does show Tony’s determination to get through bureaucratic red tape!

The behind-the-scenes story?

Two months out from filming, we applied to the PNG Consulate for special film crew visas.

Applications seeking approval were forwarded to the PNG Australian Consulate, the Prime Minister’s Office Media Unit and the National Film Institute of PNG.

We also had to submit an inventory of our film gear and the CVs of the crew.

So much tougher than a simple visitor’s visa.

While waiting for the visas to be approved, we booked the PNG airfares and accommodation for our film crew – then, for the next 2 months, called the PNG Consulate every week for an update, but nothing seemed to be progressing.

One week out, Tony gets a phone call from the PNG Consulate:

“So sorry, Tony, due to the Apex Summit, we have a backlog, but don’t worry, we should get the visas approved in time.”

On the Thursday before the Sunday departure date:

“Sorry Tony, can’t do it, you’ll be first in line next week after the Summit is finished.”

So the itinerary was cancelled and rebooked for two weeks later. Our phone calls to the consulate were now daily.

Like déjà vu, we were still without visas on the Thursday before the Sunday departure, so rather than give up yet again, Tony decided to sit in the Brisbane PNG Consulate on Friday – and he wasn’t going to move until all of the paperwork was signed off.

Tony sat in that Consulate office from early morning until after the Consulate closed – and finally, at 6.30 pm, he walked out with visas in hand.


This is just one example of how hard we work for our clients behind the scenes!


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