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Why use a video production company?

We have the time, you probably don’t

You’re busy, so we’ve created workflows from script to final approval where all you need do is review and approve.

Here’s a recent example of how we take the work load off you:

  • A client was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of farmers and locations to be organised all over regional Queensland.
  • We let her know that we’ll manage it all – just give us the contact details for each farmer and we’ll take it from there. Done.


Video production is second nature to us

Video production is the only thing we do. Over the years, we’ve helped many hundreds of businesses and organisations with every type of corporate video you could imagine. This is experience you’ll appreciate through every step of production.


We have the ideas

There are so many ways to creatively approach your video production and we’re on top of what’s happening now. We’ll get a feel of how you want your brand to shine and what you want your viewer to feel after watching your video. That makes it easier for you right?


We have a van full of all the equipment goodies

Our very experienced camera team of two drive a van full of everything they could possibly need on any location. We can track and fly to create scenes with movement at the high resolution you need for your video production to stand up against your competitors.

As a video production company, we set the bar high, filming in ultra-high definition, to give you maximum mileage, even years down the track.

Why is this quality important?

Here’s another example: Right now, we’re editing a recruitment video for a client from footage that was filmed six years ago for their series of marketing videos. For this recruitment video, no new filming was needed. The footage looks as sharp and current today as it did 6 years ago.


Advanced editing is a professional skillset

Our three editors are so clever. Not only can they put together all that wild unedited footage in an amazing way…

…they can also create the graphic treatments to match your branding, reinforce key points and keep your viewer watching.

They have all the tricks to elevate your brand.


Music copyright cleared

As a video production company, we clear the music copyright for you.

Might seem a small thing, but this will be important if you try and upload a video to YouTube and you don’t have a music sync code to add to your description.


We provide every format you need

Website, YouTube, social media platforms, television or the cinema. We take care of all the complicated format conversions and sizes for you. Just tell us what you need and it’s yours, ready for action.


We can and do film anywhere in Australia

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, South-east Queensland, Regional Queensland, interstate…

…yep, anywhere.


Let’s get started!

Whatever it takes to create a video you love, the answer is yes

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