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Updating Hasting Deering’s Corporate Television Commercial

Long term client Hastings Deering never stand still with their marketing. One year after we produced their first corporate TVC, they’ve progressed and refreshed  their campaign with new messaging and updated vision.

This updated version has a new emphasis on their people: “they might be our people, but they really work for you.” Here are the words we wrote for them for the new voiceover:

At Hastings Deering, we do more than sell some of the world’s best equipment. We understand your industry and how to keep you moving… ….and through our extensive local network, we work alongside you with expert advice you can count on. Like you, we’re out here to get the job done, with our teams available anywhere, anytime. They might be our people, but they really work for you Hastings Deering. Your Advantage.

The first commercial and original narration had a more corporate focus:

Since 1932 at Hastings Deering, we’ve served 3 generations of customers… …and are proud to have contributed to the communities in which we operate. The world needs the resources our customers mine… The industries they power… The infrastructure they build. They make change happen… …that’s why we’re working hard to keep them moving. Hastings Deering. Your Advantage.

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