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An Educational video for showing informative graphics

From the studio floor   When you need a controlled neutral background, the studio is the perfect solution. On our own studio floor with full cyclorama, we can

Dais Inchcolm production set in Queensland

Telling a story without words   The Inchcolm Hotel & Suites is a distinct boutique hotel, and a destination in itself within the heart of Brisbane. The historic Inchcolm building

Fisheries production on the water filming

Chasing the drone   If you know anything about drones, you’ll understand they have a home base that they axis from and to.  Drones also have a

Walter Iezzi in Oceanus 300 recording Over the years, we’ve produced several videos and commercials for Sunshine Coast developer Walter Iezzi, of Walter Iezzi Property Group. No-one can tell a

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