Bendigo Bank use video to connect with local communities

With 13 Brisbane branch locations plus 37 community and customer groups to organise, the recently completed video series for Bendigo Bank’s Brisbane Community Bank network was a mammoth pre-production task!

Five ‘profile’ videos were produced, plus a series of 37 short ‘testimonial’ videos with business clients and community groups that benefit from Community Bank donations.


“We came to Sound Images to produce company profiles and community group vignettes for our Brisbane Community Bank®

network Numerous stakeholders; competing opinions on the best way forward and rigorous approval processes were all part of the challenge. 

Considerable problem solving was required, and Sound Images managed all of this with the utmost professionalism.

 A commitment to excellence underpins everything they do from pre-production right through to the final product approvals. “

 Chris Standfast, Brisbane City Community Bank® Cluster, Chair


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